We now offer Reiki and Chakra Healing and balancing sessions Tuesday - Saturday. Call to schedule appointment. 919-375-4233

We now offer Aura Photography and Aura Clous 3D plus full report every day, come check it out.

Upcoming classes:

Introduction to Shamanic Healing
Saturday, June 1, from 11:00am to 1:00pm at Sage N Smudge.
Join Shaman Chris Krohn for this fascinating and informative class.

Do these sound familiar?


This content-rich class will show you how to discover what has been holding you back from creating the life of your dreams. Learn how to transform what is not working in your life. You will see how your world is reflecting back to you what you are holding inside, and how you hold the key to shifting it...bringing your life into balance, and your dreams into reality.


$25 per person, or $40 for two people. Register at Sage N Smudge or contact Chris at

Chris Krohn is a Master Shaman, and a graduate of the Four Winds Society. She studied with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Jose Luis Herrera and the shamans of the Peruvian Q’ero tribe, both in Peru and in the US. She is also a Reiki Master and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has been seeing clients and teaching shamanic healing since 2005. You can read more about her on her website




Tarot Readings

///////////////by Hawkeye

call 206-919-7119 for Appointments



#1        Reiki Session

Singing Bowl session to open up the Chakras

Lavender aroma therapy          

Full Reiki session

$60.00 for session,


#2      Healing Balancing Session

Placement of Chakra Crystals on each Chakra

Singing Bowl session to open up the Chakras

Lavender aroma therapy          

Reiki as needed, front and rear Chakras

Selenite wand clearing

Chakra lights

$20.00 for session, About 45 minutes to an hour

Aura Photo / Aura Reading

Full Aura Cloud 3D Chakra and Aura session with full energy report and aura photo.


Aura Photo



Ala Cart



Half Reiki session only                                                    $25.00

Chakra Stone healing session                                      $15.00

Singing bowl session                                                      $10.00

Aura photo                                                                        $10.00

Aroma therapy Lavender                                               $5.00

Selenite wand clearing                                                  $5.00

Aura brushing                                                               $5.00

Chakra Light Session 15 to 30 minutes                           $15.00 per session

Tarot Readings                                                              $25 for 1/2 hr $45 fo 1hr