We now offer Reiki and Chakra Healing and balancing sessions Monday - Saturday. Call to schedule appointment. 919-375-4233

We now offer Aura Photography and Aura Clous 3D plus full report every day, call for appointment.

Phychic readings by Kara by appointment.

You can sign up for classes, readings and sessions online at

Upcoming Events:




Upcoming classes: 
Reiki 1
Saturday March 23rd, 1 to 5 pm Reiki 1. Call to reserve seat or use the Vagaro link above to sign up.
Reiki 1. This is a beginning Reiki class to learn the history of Reiki, recieve Reiki attunements to start engaging with and using Reiki energy in class. Reiki 1 focuses on self healing. Recieve a certificate for reiki 1. Class fee $125
Grounding and Shielding

Sunday March 24th 1 to 4 pm Grounding and Sheilding. Call to reserve seat or use the Vagaro link above to sign up. Class fee $30.00. This class is filling up fast and is limited to 24 people. It is recommended to take the Empath 101 class prior to this class, but not required.

Empath 101
Saturday February 17th: 10am to 12pm.

This is a beginning class on being an empath.

Please call the shop at 919-375-4233 to reserve your spot or use the Vagaro link on the website to sign up, as seating is limited. Class cost is $15.00 per person.

Some of the helpful tools to learn will be:
•    What it means to be an Empath and gifts and challenges.
•    What an Introverted Empath is, and what the difference is between other kinds.
•    What Energy Hygiene is and why it is so critical to maintain when you are an Empath.
•    5 steps to mastering Energetic Hygiene.
•    What Bubbling Up is, and how to achieve it.
•    Several daily habits to optimize your mental, physical, and spiritual health as an Empath.
•    How to achieve a super solid aura all day.


Opening your 3rd Eye

Join us Saturday February 17th; 3 to 5 pm. Class fee is $20. Bring cushion, blanket or something to sit on.

Learn breathe work to anchor consciousness and raise your frequency

Technique to relax your eyesight, focus and perceive energy

Third eye activation breathe technique to light up your third eye

Start to see energy and auras by practicing the techniques

Understanding the third eye and its purpose


Fire cleansing Class

Join us Saturday February 24th from 8 to 9:30pm
Learn to use the energy of fire for cleansing of a home or office building. Learn a powerful Karmic cleansing to use with the fire cleansing.
Class fee is $15

Healing Circle






Energy Cascade of Healing Light with Roland Walters
Experienced or just curious, A must experience.
Through the power of I AM, positive energies are magnified to
help release your negative energies and to feel the magnificent
uplifting Light.
Some of you have participated in one of my healing circles before, at either the Body Mind Spirit Expo, the One Tribe Fest or the Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill. For those of you unfamiliar with healing circles, the objective is to have the group to work as one. As one to bring healing to those that need it.
As one to help those that need to release that which does not serve their highest good. I will be helping you to see how working together as one has a significant magnification effect on the energy. The session will start out not in a circle but a triangle with one person being the focus. The energy being sent to that one person will be in layers so that they can truly feel the magnification and change in the energy as the group comes together.
Bring Water!
The space is limited to 20 people. Call to reserve your spot at 919-375-4233. The event is $30 per person. Bring water to drink



Psychic Readings

Past, Present, Future Readings

Friday afternoons or Saturday's

Call 919-375-4233 to set appointment


Tarot Readings

///////////////by Hawkeye

call 206-919-7119 for Appointments


Healing Services

Roland Walters




#1        Reiki Session

Full Reiki session


$60.00 for session,



#2      Healing Balancing Session

Placement of Chakra Crystals on each Chakra

Singing Bowl session to open up the Chakras

Lavender aroma therapy          

Reiki as directed

Selenite wand clearing


$30.00 for session, About 1  hours

#3 Chakra Illumination

At the core of the shamanic energy healing session lays the Illumination process. Illumination achieves healing in three ways. First, it burns up the sludge and deposits adhering to the walls of a chakra, promoting longevity and strengthening the immune response. Secondly, it combusts the toxic energies around harmful, physical and emotional imprints. Third, it scours clean the imprints in the Luminous Energy Field (LEF). When these imprints are erased, it is possible to change negative emotions and behaviors. The power of the immune system is unleashed, and healing can occur.

Session $45.00 to $60.00. 1 to 2 hours

Aura Photo / Aura Cloud 3D

Full Aura Cloud 3D Chakra and Aura session with full energy report and aura photo.


Aura Photo