Sage N Smudge TM House Purification Cleansing Gift Set

Sage N Smudge TM House Purification Cleansing Gift Set
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This is a house cleansing blessing smudge gift set great for a new house or a gift for a friend. Comes with a 4 to 5 inch Abalone shell, a 4 inch wooden stand, censor sand for the tube of self lighting charcoal, 1/4 oz sea salt, a sage variety pack with a California white sage stick, sacred feather sage stick (copal, lavender, juniper, white sage and rosemary), a Cedar stick 4 to 5 inches, a pack of sacred sage loose leaf (sweetgrass, lavender, white sage, ceder and copal mix), a 1/4 oz package of House Purification Incense with (Frankincense, dragons blood, myrrh, wood betony, dill seed and rose oil. A wild turkey feather fan. free 2 by 3 inch gift card. basic smudging directions, purification directions helpful hints. The book Sage & Smudge (Secrets of Clearing your Personal Space) by Donna Stellhorn.

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