Aqua Obsidian Gazing Crystal Ball

Aqua Obsidian Gazing Crystal Ball
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Beautiful Authentic 50mm Clear Aqua Obsidian Crystal Gazing Ball.
Rarer Specimen Sphere.

Ball gazing goes back thousands of years as possible aid for seeing the unseen and knowing the unknown.
Individual results and mastery may vary.

Obsidian is known as a good fortune crystal and is great for crystal ball gazing and the magical.

Healing qualities: Brings wisdom and offers protection. Good for learning.

Physical: Good for the colon, and male sexuality and qualities. Helps gastroenteritis, irritable bowel syndrome, wind pains and nausea.

Emotional/Spiritual: grounding. Helps self defeating patterns and subconscious blockages. Enables one to see their dark side. Integrates spirituality into everyday life, Aids access to roots and past experiences. Acts as a mirror to the soul and lets you take a long hard look at yourself and then smile.

Comes with round stand. Always clean with lint free cloth or cool blow dryer to remove surface dust, never use abrasive cleaners


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