Sacred Sage Smudge Stick Small

Sacred Sage Smudge Stick Small
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High grade sacred Native smudging sage large bundle.
This is a white sage, sweet grass, copal, lavender and pine bundle, naturally grown in the Sedona Arizona desert area and smells so wonderful.

This is for a single 4 to 5 inch bundle wand which is a perfect to take on the go and may be used over and over.

Copal: Burned as a smudge incense in central and South America endowing protection and attracting love. It clears negativity from people, artifacts and places and especially good for cleansing crystals.

Lavender: An all purpose healing herb, gently cleansing and empowering. It promises a gradual and gentle improvement in health and well being, inducing peaceful sleep. In a room it will encourage gentle, positive interactions and reduce hyperactivity in children. Lavender is the herb of love and especially for women; it attracts gentle and kind lovers.

Sweetgrass: A traditional Native smudge, bringing healing, gentle empowerment, beauty and harmony and abundance in all forms.

Pine: A purifier of all forms of negative energy, negativity, hostile atmospheres and dishonesty. Pine is protective, especially against darkness. Pine is effective against all kinds of malice as it returns hostility to the sender. It is a natural healer.

White Sage/Desert Sage: Are traditional smudging materials for cleansing, healing, protecting and empowering and can be used in any kind of ritual. Can be used for spirit removal and house, person or building cleansing and to remove negative energies. These strengths include good health, enhanced wisdom, fertility and long life. Sage in all its forms is a potent herb for developing psychic awareness, allowing glimpses of past and future, astral projection and past life recall.

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