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Astrological associations:  Aquarius 

Chakra: Throat 

Healing qualities:  Good for awareness, protection (as an elixir)(place the stone next to a glass of spring water for an hour or two) and feelings  of security.  Useful for people who work with numbers. Improves communication on all levels. Physical:  Good for the senses, throat, thymus, blood vessels, and hemoglobin.  Acts as an insect repellant (as a topical elixir).  Helps infectious diseases.

Emotional/spiritual: Comforts grief and helps anger. Improves communication with spirits. Helps to connect you to your angels, guardians, & totem animals.  Assists channeling. Good for telepathy, balance, astral travel, re-birthing, and psychic and spiritual healing.

This is for one Angelite Crystal stone. Size small to medium, aprox 3/4 inch to 1.5 inches.

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