Sage N Smudge

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Eagle Feather Fan
Large Eagle Feather Fan Large 12 inch Painted Eagle Feather Fan with leather handle wapped with l..
Wild Turkey Feather Fan
Medium Wild Turkey Feather Fan This is a medium Wild Turkey Fan 7 to 10 inches in length with a G..
7 Chakra Smudge Spray 2.0 OZ
7 Chakra Reiki Charged Aura Spray Mist 2.0 oz bottle of Sage N Smudge ® 7 Chakra Reiki Charged Au..
Abalone Shell Small
Abalone Shell Small 3 to 4 inches ..
Amethyst Astrological associations: Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Chakra: Crown Heali..
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Angelite Astrological associations:  Aquarius  Chakra: Throat  Healing quali..
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Apache Tear
Apache Tears Astrological associations: Aries Chakra: Base Healing qualities:  Good fo..
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Aventurine Green
Green Aventurine Astrological associations: Aries Chakra: Heart Healing qualities: Good for cr..
Axinite Chakra: Base Good for muscles. Legs and feet, skeletal system, spines, bones, breaks, ..
Basic Smudging Directions visit "My Account" > "My Orders" > "Downloads" to view your downl..
Black Cohosh Root
Black Cohosh Root Protection, strength, love. 0.25 oz package ..
Black Mustard Seeds
Black Mustard Seeds Fertility, Protection, Mental Powers. 0.5 oz package ..
Black Obsidian
Black Obsidian Astrological associations:  Sagittarius  Chakra: Base Healing qualiti..
Black Salt Protection Salt Banishing Salt 1/2 oz
0.5 oz of banishing black salt 1 container of black banishing salt (for external use only), not to ..
Blessed Feather fan Hand Made Leather Handle
Blessed Feather fan Hand Made Leather Handle This beautifully Blessed Hand Fashioned Wild Turkey ..
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