Ghost Hunting Kit

Ghost Hunting Kit
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This is a great kit if you are a beginner or a novice.

It has plenty of great tools to collect much needed data on any investigation.

I have been doing paranormal investigations for some time and let me tell you that these tools are great for getting the job done and getting the evidence you need, from motion detection, EMF detection to temperature fluctuations its all in this handy carrying kit.

This kit includes:

The new just released Ovilus e-censor - Just clip in a 9 volt battery and your ready to e sense with multicolored display that changes colors as it detects the different levels of static energy. Its just like the big ones you see on tv without the heavy price tag and invented by a leader in the paranormal equipment industry.

A Cen-Tech Non-contact pocket thermometer - quickly locate hot and cold spots in your investigation with this pocket sized wonder. Dont let the size fool you. Easily take readings from the full range of -27 to 230 Fahrenheit.

An infrared Auto Induction Motion Sensor Light - Turn this sensor on and detect motion in any area.

An motion vibration detector with audio alarm - You wont second guess when this alarm sounds, you'll know something triggered it.

Hand held EMF (electromagnetic field) detector - Measure the EMF fields in any area to get base reading and to check for areas with large EMF fields or fluctuating ones. Easy to use.

A single 2 in 1 Star Cap beam laser grid pen pointer - Use this handy tool to set up a laser grid pattern to detect and movement in an area of suspicion.

A 3 1/2 inch LED mini flash light.

A strong heavy duty carrying case for your equipment - comes with a lock hole so you can lock up your equipment. Lock sold separately.

Vinyl lettering Paranormal Investigation Team on one side and if desired we will put the name of your investigation team on the other side of the carrying case free. f you want your team name on the box then message us so we know what to put on it, otherwise we will ship without.

We dont include camera or audio recorder because as ive found, everyone has a personal preference for those types of tools.

Dont forget to order some sage or smudge kit to smudge you and your items after an investigation.

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