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Welcome to Sage and Smudge

Browse our store and purchase our quality smudge products all with free shipping

We carry a wide range of Sage sticks, Smudge Kits, Feather Fans, Herbs, Incense,
Reiki charged candles, Chakra and Reiki products and refills for all your ceremony needs.

Whether you need to remove negative spirits, energy, entity, bring positive energy to you or your home or healing products, we probably have what you are looking for. If we dont have it, we can get it. Feel free to browse our store, shop with confidence and Blessings to you.

Native American Indian tradition says wherever Sage is, evil cannot be.

Sage and sage blends have been used for the removal of spirits, negative energies, and to bring peace.

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 We are located behind the main building, first right turn after this sign. Follow Garner Commercial Ct, third building back on right. We are the last corner suite.